One of Three Business Failures
Are The Direct Result of Employee Theft

(Source: U.S. Chamber of Commerce)

Security Guard, Alarm and Investigative Companies
New Lower Third Party Fidelity Bond Rates for 2002!

Number of Employees
Limit / Deductible
*Annual Premium
$50,000 / $2,500
$ 500
$50,000 / $2,500
$50,000 / $2,500
$100,000 / $5,000
$ 750
$100,000 / $5,000
$100,000 / $5,000
* Rate indication only. Application required for quotation.

What if a security guard steals from a client?

Standard fidelity bonds and comprehensive general liability policies do not protect security companies if their guard steals from a client.

Our Gold Shield AdvantageTM third party fidelity bond program is
designed specifically for the security industry and offers the following advantages:

  • You are not required to file a lawsuit.
  • You are not required to obtain a criminal conviction.
  • You do not have to apply for a warrant to arrest your employ
  • You do not have to establish legal liability.
  • You do not have to discover the loss within 7 days of its occurrence.
  • You are covered for the entire premises, not only within the premise.
(First Party Coverage Also Available)

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