Workers' Compensation

Available for all Classes of Business

What is the "Gold Shield Advantage"?
Excellent Insurance Companies, Lower Premiums, Exceptional Service!

Why Izzo?
What makes Izzo Insurance Services the home for your workers' compensation accounts? We consider each risk submitted an opportunity. We focus on understanding the client and not class underwriting. We have the tools to help enhance production and retain precious renewals with prompt, professional service. With the current competitive insurance market, the successful broker needs a firm like Izzo Insurance Services that can offer a real competitive edge!

Izzo Insurance Services has specialized in the security guard, investigative and alarm industry for the past twenty years. Because of the tremendous success of the security program, we were able to establish a similar monoline workers' compensation program for all other classes of business.

Our workers' compensation program for all other classes of business has been very successful. The program has experienced extreme growth with a loss ratio that is substantially below the industry average. We attribute this success to three key areas:

  • Selective Underwriting The program underwriters do an excellent job at examining all aspects of an individual client and do not "class underwrite". The individual merits of each account are taken into consideration.
  • Expertise & Working Relationship With Our Brokers Our brokers are of the utmost importance to us. They are our clients and we provide the excellent service clients deserve.
  • Finding Solutions for Insureds We pride ourselves in assisting you to find innovative measures to write and keep clients. With your assistance, creative marketing concepts are accomplished!

Marketing Strategies
At Izzo Insurance Services, we want to be "the solution" to your marketing dilemma. Do you have an client that:

  • Is a unique risk with unique exposures?
  • Has a short time table in which to quote?
  • Is involved in multi-state exposures that the liability and auto carrier can not accommodate?
  • Has good long term history but a high workers' compensation experience modification factor (even over 2.00)?
  • Has a problem being misclassified and placed into higher rated code classifications? Or . . .
  • Is in the "pool" that you feel belongs in the voluntary market?
  • Do you simply need a monoline workers' compensation market?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, contact us!  We will be happy to discuss your client's needs with you!

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