Security Guard, Alarm & Investigative Companies

What is the "Gold Shield Advantage"?
Excellent Insurance Companies, Lower Premiums, Exceptional Service!


Izzo Insurance Services, Inc. is the largest provider of workers' compensation to the security industry. We insure businesses of all sizes throughout the United States. In fact our "Gold Shield Advantage" program is also the country's oldest and most stable program for workers' compensation.

Key Questions
In today's competitive market, can you afford to have coverage underwritten by insurers which do not have experience in underwriting the security industry? Will your insurer write your workers' compensation coverage for only one year? Will the insurers inexperience in the security industry affect your experience MOD factor?

Protect Your Investment
From security officers to alarm technicians, you've seen a lot of changes in the security industry. Your experience has built a strong business foundation, your investment is secure and you're ready for a dynamic future. Don't risk your investment with a inexperience insurer!



Minimum Premiums
Minimum workers' compensation premiums are generally $5,000. We offer the "Gold Shield Advantage" workers' compensation, a leading workers' compensation specialist, that offers:

  • Competitively Priced Premiums
    - among the lowest in the industry
  • Free Loss Control Services
    - to help meet your safety needs
  • Aggressive Claims Management
    -each claim is monitored & managed
  • Quality Managed Care Program
    - includes cost containment programs, early return to by a team of experts work programs, rehabilitative services, discount on medical equipment
  • Interest-free Installment Pay Plans
    - helps you manage expenses over time
  • Convenient Claims Reporting and Customer Service
    - we make it easy to do business with us.